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Polaroid wedding photography – retro weddings

A recovered Polaroid wedding portrait of Ming and Easton at Cline Cellars in Sonoma.

As you can see, this post is a quite different from most of the ones here on my blog.

These photos are recovered Polaroid scans from peel-apart instant film. The film is actually made by Fuji these days as Polaroid filed for bankruptcy protection in 2001 and there are few outlets for old style Polaroid compatible film.

The prints from most of these images went home with the bride and grooms on the night of the wedding, so all I had left was the caustic chemically part that most people throw in the garbage.

Well it turns out that you can save these throwaways and let them dry and then scan in the images with a flatbed scanner. It creates and amazingly beautiful retro look that is achieved without a bunch of filters.

There are a lot of photographers out there today running all sorts of filters on their photos trying to achieve this look – these have not been filtered at all. They are pure in all of their grungy beauty.

Interested in getting some of these at your wedding – ask John what is involved.

Happy New Year everyone!

Ming and Easton in the vineyards at Cline Cellars in Sonoma in this retro looking polaroid wedding portrait.


Sadie and Kyle in the courtyard at Mulvaney’s Building & Loan following their wedding ceremony there. This image, scanned from the usually discarded portion of a peel-apart Polaroid was almost lost. I left it on a table in a back room at Mulvaney’s and someone threw it into the trash. My assistant decided to go look for it and see it he could find it and here it is. Some of the damage to the photo from being in the trash actually adds to the beauty of this image. One of my favorites of late.


This Polaroid portrait of Sadie and Kyle is in Capitol Park in downtown Sacramento.

A fun photo of Diane and Vince at the wedding ceremony area near the Sacramento River at Scott’s Seafood and the Westin Hotel in Sacramento.


A late night Polaroid wedding portrait of Diane and Vince on the steps of Scott’s Seafood in Sacramento. This one is a bit different from the others in that the image became solarized. I have since found out that if you don’t keep the peel-apart throw away part out of bright light then it will continue to develop. I think this turned out pretty well, but in the future I will be sure to take better care of the still wet negatives.


Posted by John Decker, contact John to find out more about having him photograph your wedding!
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